Meet: Rousseau Chocolatier


Julien Rousseau-Dumarcet and Nathalie Morin met and fell in love in Wakefield, QC: he; a Frenchmen with a passion for chocolate; she, a young hospitality professional with a love for travel. 

Together they embarked on an adventure around Europe until ultimately settling in Halifax. Why Halifax? Because it offered a great quality of life, has many European influences and is conveniently located between Ontario and France!

With over 15 years of experience, Julian uses only the finest quality chocolate and ingredients - locally and seasonally sourced as much as possible. Everything is made on site and production can be seen through the viewing bay window in their shop.

We spoke with Nathalie to learn more about their thriving business.

What inspired you to start your business? My husband had been a chocolatier and pastry chef for a few years when we met. At that time, it was only a distant dream to one day open our own chocolate shop. Our quest to gain experience and remain together as a couple, led us to live and work in Canada, France, England and Scotland over the course of 5 years before opening Rousseau Chocolatier in 2014.  

What has been the most exciting thing you have experienced to date since starting your business? The most exciting thing that has happened to us, besides opening our doors for the first time, has to be our move to 5151 South Street in January 2018!  This grand new location has been quite the learning curve for us both. Our new space has provided so much more visibility and we have to keep up with a constants of business whilst managing a bigger team, cafe, shop, and wholesale accounts. Not a bad problem to have - and certainly very exciting!

What can we expect to see next from Rousseau? We have amazing Single Origin chocolate bars launching very soon! Six new bars from six specific countries that all have different tasting notes influenced by each countries' unique climate. In addition to those bars, we'll also launch two new chocolate bars by popular demand: Salted Butter Caramel, available in milk or 64% dark chocolate. And finally, it's been a long time coming and we are very much looking forward to the addition of ice cream this summer! We're still working out the details so stay tuned! 

Nathalie and Julian are a great example of folks making Nova Scotia their home and bringing their world class expertise with them. If you haven’t yet been to their new shop in the South End of Halifax, drop by their beautiful café and enjoy a latte and a selection of chocolates, French macaroons, caramel spreads, artisanal marshmallows and more!

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