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2018 Summer Box

This year we decided to celebrate the seasons of Nova Scotia - with the flavours that describe us best.

This Summer the theme is 'Sea Salt.' Spoil your loved one to a selection of treats and gifts that are inspired by the sweet salty air of Nova Scotia.

Rousseau Chocolatier - Lobster Lollie and Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Artisanal Chocolate Bar

With 15 years' experience, Chocolatier Julien Rousseau uses only the finest quality chocolate and ingredients - locally and seasonally sourced as much as possible. Everything is made on site and production can be seen through the viewing bay window. Hand crafting delicious treats in the South End of Halifax, drop by their beautiful café and enjoy a latte and a selection of chocolates, French macaroons, caramel spreads, artisanal marshmallows and more! The dark chocolate and sea salt bar and lobster lollie are just a few examples of the delicious treats you can find at their beautiful shop and online.

Inkwell Boutique - East Coasters

Inkwell Boutique is a modern handmade boutique and letterpress studio with an abundant selection of specialty printed paper products and handmade delights made with love, by artists from around the corner and across the world. This cool set of 6 'Official East Coaster' drink coasters are letter pressed and printed by hand using ink mixed with salt water drawn from the Atlantic Ocean. They are perfect for a good ole fashioned kitchen party, or drinks on the patio. These coasters are reusable and the paper is heavy weight coaster board and the ink is permanent (will not run). Dark liquids like coffee and red wine may stain, but they hold up well under glasses of water and beer! 















East Coast Lifestyle- Classic Leather Patch Flex Fit Hat 

The DNA of East Coast Lifestyle is simple: it’s about being proud of where you’re from. In March of 2013, Alex MacLean, a senior Business student at Acadia University was asked to start a temporary business for an Entrepreneurship class project. With an $800 loan from his dad and a passion to rep his coast, Alex produced his first 30 East Coast Lifestyle hoodies and sold them to his closest friends. Using the proceeds from the first batch, ECL began distribution from the trunk of Alex’s car and on his moms front lawn for several months until the birth of the popular anchor logo. This hat is made with 100% cotton and a leather ECL anchor logo. Perfect for golf, sunny days on the beach, or pair with your favourite summer outfit for a classic east coast look.

Halifax Paper Hearts - Lobster Pin

The journey began for Halifax Paper Hearts on a trip to Calgary, Alberta to celebrate the wedding of two women the owner, Stefanie MacDonald, loves dearly. In recognition of their very special day, she wanted to give them a simple, quirky, contemporary note card. After visiting a few large department stores (she did not have time to hunt for lovely boutiques that afternoon), she was only able to find cards featuring champagne glasses, wedding cakes, and “bride & groom” illustrations on them. Their first design, “Let’s Grow Old Together” was inspired by this love story; a special card to celebrate the sacred experience of growing old together. At Halifax Paper Hearts, they believe in fairy tales, snail mail & cultivating closeness. They heart-make note cards and other fun things (like this cute little lobster pin) with love, care & salty air on the East Coast of Canada.


Big Cove Foods - Sea Salt Caramels

In 2012, the owners behind Big Cove Foods came out to Nova Scotia to take a break from their lives in Toronto. One month they said. Five years later, they are still in love with the people and beauty that is Nova Scotia. Living in the country has provided opportunities that living in the city just doesn't have, and farm-house country living inspired them to dig down to the basics and make things from scratch. Big Cove Foods’ driving force is to provide you with a product that will spark creativity in your own kitchen as moving to the country has done for them. Whether it is on the stove or in a cocktail glass, they provide you with a great quality product worthy of your kitchen. These melt in your mouth, not stick to your teeth, kind of caramels are finished off with some fluer de sel. The perfect treat that you know you deserve!

Nova Scotia Fisherman- Sea Salt Soap

Nova Scotia Fisherman was built on the inspiration to create quality products and employment opportunities in rural Canada. This is evident in their ingredients and results in premium body care. Sourcing local innovators and seeking out products close to the earth and shores, Nova Scotia Fisherman is aware of the landscape, the environment and their customer’s health. The sea salt soap is part of the Xtreme Skin Care line that nurtures for your skin whether you are a fisherman, deckhand, or simply a skin enthusiast. Nova Scotia Fisherman use local kelp in all of their products. This slippery ingredient found along our coast line was used for many purposes in Nova Scotian history: a fertilizer, banked alongside houses to keep out winter winds, and as packing material for shipping lobster.  Nova Scotia sea kelp has amazing anti-aging properties and has been used in health and beauty products since ancient times. It contains a bounty of ingredients that enrich and sooth dry skin. 

Tidal Salt- Fleur De Sel

Tidal Salt started on a warm summer day when a husband tried to make a unique gift for his wife. After finishing a small batch of sea salt made from a nearby beach, it just made sense that this gift should be shared with the world. Nova Scotia is surrounded by clean, salty water and Tidal Salt takes pride in using this resource to create a sustainable, unique and authentic product. Tidal Salt harvests fleur de sel and flavoured sea salts directly from our rugged coastline so that you can have a little piece of Nova Scotia on your dinner table.   This Handmade Fleur de Sel is a perfect all around addition to any kitchen. Use it for just about anything that you would use regular, old table salt for. A true taste of Nova Scotia, you can use this fleur de sel as a finishing salt to add a little East Coast pop to your dish!