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Nova Box is a gift box filled with Nova Scotia made products.

Our online store is curated with items that not only reflect the spirit of each season, but also highlight the incredibly talented makers, artisans and business owners in Nova Scotia.

Nova Box is for loved ones near or far who are celebrating a special occasion, are missing home, or simply would like a little love from Nova Scotia.

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Our Story

Allyson England Nova Box Halifax Entrepreneur


Hi! I'm Ally -

I worked in professional services for a number of years, then was the VP Operations at a healthcare tech start-up. Little (or perhaps exactly) did I know that all of that would prepare me for becoming a business owner.

I started Nova Box because I love Atlantic Canada, I am proud our collective accomplishments, and I think the world needs to know more about what goes on in ‘our neck of the woods.’ 

I work with makers, artists and entrepreneurs who are masters of what they do, to help them grow their business and export their products outside the region. 

Each Nova Box showcases the beautiful work of our partners, and share a piece of Nova Scotia with people who love this place as much as I do.

Thank you for supporting Nova Box!