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Jelly Bean Row House Candle - 4oz

These candle are made in St. Johns, Newfoundland by Foggy Island Candles.
4oz candles 

Mudder’s Cherry Cake - Remember how great the house would smell when your mom would bake cherry cake? Well with this candle you’d swear she was right there in your kitchen baking one for you! This combination of sweet cake bursting with sweet cherries is just perfection!

Saltwater Taffy - This delightful blend of berries, banana, sugar and vanilla takes you back to summer days at the beach.

Partridgeberry Squares - Partridgeberry Squares, as known as Lingonberry Squares are wonderfully delicious tart crumbly squares that smell just heavenly. The perfect combination of sweetness with tart berries and just a hint of cinnamon make that candle a favourite.

Homemade Bread - Just like Nan used to make! Can you smell it? Warm fresh bread with thick buttery crusts straight from the oven! A favourite among everyone!  A Best Seller!

Pineapple Pop - Sweet pineapple scent just like the famous pineapple soda we all know and love.