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“When people are healthy, they can accomplish anything.”

“When people are healthy, they can accomplish anything.”

Dr. Ashley Margeson is a highly motivated Naturopathic Doctor who is best described as a “health advocate” and “community builder.” She believes that good health is the cornerstone to every community, business, family and person. Her 21Day Teatox was specially formulated to optimize your health and set your system up for digestive success. Made from all natural ingredients (such as peppermint, dandelion and chamomile) the 21Day Teatox gently eases your system back into its normal rhythm, ensuring that your health works for you, not against you.

I recently spoke with Dr. Ashley, and asked her three questions about her practice:

Who or what inspires you? My patients continue to inspire me every day. Every single person that walks into my office is incredibly different, yet all share the same desire to live a healthy life. My job is to help people get and stay healthy, by empowering them to take control of their wellness. I work with many women in the business fields who amaze me with their ability to live fulfilled lives with regards to their career, family, community, friends and health. It is the women who inspire their businesses to give back to their communities and their partners or employees that I am constantly wowed by, but also want to try and emanate that in my own practice and business.

Why is it important to you to live and work in Nova Scotia? I think it is appalling that we are living in a province that has so many young people leaving. As a province, I don’t believe that we are doing a good enough job of highlighting the people and organizations who are building the economy, infrastructure and communities. There are phenomenal people and organizations that are giving back to the community and building a stronger economy through their work as small and ground level organizations. For me, not only was it important for me to come home after I finished my education, but I wanted to see what I could do to contribute to the place that raised me and instilled an unwavering set of community values. Nova Scotia was the perfect place to start a business (especially in medicine) because I felt like I had a clean slate to work to inspire people to change the way they address their health. The same is said for the corporate health work I do with organizations; because if an organization or a business has strong health habits (that can be based off of evidence based health policy) that contributes to the health of their employees, their productivity and their community at large.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Always look for the third option. A lot of this comes back to my medical training, because with medicine and the body nothing is black and white. When you have a patient in front of you who is in pain, what is the third option? How are the different body systems communicating with each other, where is the body compensating, what are the effects of that overall? I am never satisfied with taking something at face value. I want to know what we have missed; what hasn’t been addressed; what else is going on? I run my business with this mantra as well; as one of the few young female Nova Scotian Naturopathic Doctors developing a market that focuses on health policy as it relates to public and private healthcare, corporate wellness, women in business and performance optimization - I have to find the third option.

I first met Dr. Ashley at the 21 Inc. Emerging Leaders Summit in 2015. There, I heard her say “I believe that when people are healthy, they have the capacity to accomplish anything.” I completely agree with this sentiment. We often take our health for granted; but when we are healthy and strong we can do amazing things. The 21Day Teatox is an effective way to ensure your system works as it should, so you have the energy and strength to tackle whatever comes your way.