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Three things I Love About Summer in Nova Scotia

It’s the time of year we have waited for since last fall. The glorious summer time, where the days are long, the beers are cold, and everyone seems to be generally happy. It’s hard not to be happy, when the sun is shining and the majority of your friends and family have come out of hibernation to enjoy the sights, sounds and, smells that Nova Scotia has to offer.

Of course I love patios, back yard BBQ’s, outdoor concerts, cultural festivals and all the other cool things happening this time of year, but here are the three things I love THE MOST about the summer in Nova Scotia.

Sand. The feeling of the sand between your toes is like no other. What better place to experience this than at a beach? Nova Scotia has stunning beaches on nearly every edge of our province. From the Bay of Fundy and Atlantic Ocean, to the Northumberland and Cabot Straits, we have beaches to meet every taste. Whether you are having a picnic on a white sandy beach in Ingonish, walking on the sandbars in Blomidon, searching for treasures on a rocky shore in Lawrencetown, or building a sandcastle at Clam Harbour Beach, the beach is definitely a great place to spend a sunny day in the summer.

Salt. Have you ever smelled the salty air of the ocean, even when the ocean is nowhere in sight? I absolutely love being in Halifax as the sun comes up, with a hint of fog rolling over the harbour, and the smell of salt lingering in the air. In case you’ve forgotten about the ocean, the salty air reminds you that you are never too far from the water. In fact, Nova Scotia has many different types of bodies of water everywhere you look. We have bays, lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, straits, channels and the Atlantic Ocean. How many other provinces have that type of water variety? With the exception of the stretch of land between Amherst, NS and Sackville, NB- Nova Scotia is practically an island!

Sun. I have freckles, and thanks to the sun, they come out in full force during the summer months. There’s something truly special about the warmth and light that comes from the sun from June- September. In my opinion, people seem to be happier when the sun is shining. This is evident when you walk through your neighborhood on a sunny evening, and you see people walking dogs, pushing strollers and playing in their yard. Sunshine brings people together.

While I certainly appreciate each and every season in Nova Scotia, Summer is by far my favorite time of year. The sand, salt and sun are my favorite parts of summer, and are the inspiration behind this season’s Nova Box. With salt water taffy, driftwood, the scent of the ocean, and so much more, I hope this box casts an image of a beautiful summer’s day in Nova Scotia.