Meet: Big Cove Foods

In 2012, the owners behind Big Cove Foods came out to Nova Scotia to take a break from their lives in Toronto. One month they said. Five years later, they are still in love with the people and beauty that is Nova Scotia. Living in the country has provided opportunities that living in the city just doesn't have, and farm-house country living inspired them to dig down to the basics and make things from scratch.

Big Cove Foods’ driving force is to provide you with a product that will spark creativity in your own kitchen as moving to the country has done for them. Whether it is on the stove or in a cocktail glass, they provide you with a great quality product worthy of your kitchen.

I spoke with owners, Dave and Sarah to find out how Nova Scotia became their home.

What inspired you to start your business? Taking the leap from big city to country living both forced and inspired us to cook more at home and experiment with ingredients. This mission created a new spark in both of us and we wanted to share that revelation with others. Through our product line and online recipes, we want to inspire people to enjoy cooking more at home.  

What has been the most exciting thing you have experienced to date since starting your business? Building our commercial kitchen is still up there in terms of being the most exciting experience. From working out of a home kitchen to a space dedicated to the growing business was a milestone in our company and personal lives. The building itself is constantly changing as we update, expand and watch it grow with us.  

What can we expect to see next? The best thing about our line of products is that there are endless possibilities. New concoctions are tested in our kitchen continuously, whether it be a new recipe or a new product. You can always find something going on at the Big Cove Foods kitchen!

I just love hearing about people who move here and make Nova Scotia their home. Dave and Sarah have done an awesome job infusing their passion for good food, with their love for helping people spark creativity in their own kitchen.

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