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Meet: Concreations

Meet: Concreations

Have you ever seen a polished concrete floor? It’s honestly one of the coolest fusions of elegance and industrial chic you will ever see. 

Created by Concreations, the concrete planter is great for small cactus, succulents or other tiny plants around the house or office.

Concreations is a Halifax based company that specializes in concrete design, fabrication, installation and service for a number of residential and commercial products. From counter tops, flooring, and fireplaces to furniture and decor, Concreations thinks "concrete is cool.” This company is on a mission to reshape people's idea of concrete as a premium design material by increasing awareness of the aesthetic appeal, versatility and durability of concrete. 

I recently spoke to Joe Melanson & Bob Shea, Owners of Concreations, to find out what makes this company (and concrete) so cool.

How did Concreations come to be? After several years of running a landscaping and property maintenance company together, we started noticing decorative concrete and concrete counters becoming a trend and decided we were up for a new challenge and launched our business, Concreations Concrete & Design Inc. 

What is one thing you would like us to know about your company? Although we love the fluidity and the modern look of concrete design, we do a lot more than just concrete work! We have extensive experience in landscaping, renovations and general construction. We love working with clients to create modern designs and making their vision come to fruition!  

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for local business owners or people who want to start their own business? Although business ownership isn't always easy, the opportunity to create a living from what you love to do is incredibly rewarding. Business ownership allows you to be involved in every step of each project instead of just a small piece of the puzzle. We love helping our customers create the perfect finishing touches to make their house a home and the sense of satisfaction we get from hearing the reactions to the work we do is the ultimate motivator. 

Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to live. As business owners, we have the opportunity to contribute to the expanding economy and get more involved in our community. The lifestyle of business ownership can provide the rare opportunity to involve your family in the growth of your business-  we're especially thankful that we can take advantage of that!

I love companies like Concreations that can find a use for materials that might otherwise go to waste. Not only does this help the environment, it also creates another revenue stream and value add for clients. Their concrete planters are the perfect way to maximize their concrete materials, while creating something beautiful and unique.