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Meet: Eastcoast Lifestyle

The DNA of East Coast Lifestyle is simple: it’s about being proud of where you’re from.

In March of 2013, Alex MacLean, a senior Business student at Acadia University was asked to start a temporary business for an Entrepreneurship class project. With an $800 loan from his dad and a passion to rep his coast, Alex produced his first 30 East Coast Lifestyle hoodies and sold them to his closest friends. Using the proceeds from the first batch, ECL began distribution from the trunk of Alex’s car and on his mom’s front lawn for several months until the birth of the popular anchor logo.

We spoke with Alex about how his business started, and what advice he would give to other budding entrepreneurs.

What inspired you to start your business? I wanted to create a clothing company to represent the passion East Coasters have for their coast. I realized no other brands have done anything like it so I wanted to create a brand people would be truly passionate about. Something for everyone no matter what their age so they can be proud of where they’re from. 

Tell us about your 4 year old self. I was an entrepreneur as a kid - always doing anything I could to make some money (i.e.: shovelling driveways, yard work, etc). I always liked to stay busy. At age 4, I wanted to be a professional hockey player and played sports my entire childhood. 

What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you started your business? Be sure to trademark your idea before talking to others about it. Get feedback from friends & family you trust but never ask the public before your idea is officially protected. Once you have a trademark, you are able to fight off knock offs or imitations that might be a threat to your business.