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Meet: Fundy Treasures

Pumpkin Spice.

Really- what more is there to say? This delicious scent has inspired a number of fall favorites from lattes to hand creams. No matter where you go this fall, you are bound to run into pumpkin spice lining menus and gift shop shelves. 

These candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax and high quality fragrance oils.  True to the name, each candle has its own treasure inside, a piece of genuine Nova Scotia beach glass and/or tumbled agate, so that you have a little bit piece of Nova Scotia in your home or to give as a gift! 

We recently spoke to Brian and Laura Thompson, owners of Fundy Treasures, to learn more about their multi-faceted company. 

Tell us about your business. Fundy Treasures, located in Joggins, N.S.  started in early 2014 and was inspired by the beautiful Bay of Fundy where we are lucky to call home!  Having both grown up in small communities along the Bay, the landscape inspires our products and services.  After living abroad for years, we both found we developed a greater appreciation of home and wanted to find ways to translate that passion for the region into our business. Brian has a background in geology and gives guided fossil and mineral tours throughout the region. We also make a line of Bay of Fundy agate jewelry and stone guitar picks.  

What inspires you? Not only is the Bay of Fundy home to the world’s highest tides, but also home to some of the world’s most beautiful agate, which also happens to be Nova Scotia’s official gemstone.  We collect agate along the Bay and tumble it as well as handcraft it for various products so that others can see the beauty we have along our own coastline.    

Where do you see your business in 5 years? It’s hard to imagine where our business will be in five years as we can’t believe how far our business has come in the first three and a half years! We’ve had such great local support from fellow Nova Scotian’s including those who visit us at the Farmer’s Markets, Expos and Christmas Shows.  We have numerous wonderful retailers who carry our products around the province and our goal is to expand even more within the province and beyond.  We are always brainstorming new ideas and ways to make our business bigger and better.  This year our candle collection expanded to three new lines which include various treasures found inside! We also just began handcrafting and hand painting wood paddles and buoys.  Having Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy as inspiration to draw from- we have so many more ideas that we can’t wait to share!    

We love companies that draw inspiration from their surroundings.  The Bay of Fundy certainly has no shortage of beauty, and what a great way to incorporate treasures foraged from the shoreline than in a candle! We also appreciate companies that diversify their offerings- Fundy Treasures not only make their own products, but they also have a gift shop and offer guided nature tours along the Bay of Fundy.