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Meet: Nova Scotia Fisherman

Meet: Nova Scotia Fisherman

Nova Scotia Fisherman was built on the inspiration to create quality products and employment opportunities in rural Canada. This is evident in their ingredients and results in premium body care. Sourcing local innovators and seeking out products close to the earth and shores, Nova Scotia Fisherman is aware of the landscape, the environment and their customer’s health. 

We spoke with Les Falconer, Owner of Nova Scotia Fisherman, to learn more about how this great company began.

What inspired you to start your business? I have been in business in some form from a very young age. I worked for my parents in the restaurant business as a child. I liked the challenges, and I liked seeing results and rewards from effort.  I am a perfectionist which makes being in business incredibly difficult by times, particularly with the many variables that are not in your direct control.

Tell us about your 4 year old self? I was a runt as a 4 year old! Quiet and shy. Ambitious and humble. I was curious, but cautious so I wouldn’t get in too much trouble. My father was in the RCMP and we moved every 2 years. I remember wanting to be in a uniform just like my dad.

I was born and began school in very small towns and ports in Newfoundland. When we did move to the mainland I clearly remember being teased and laughed at because I had such a heavy Newfoundland Accent - she still comes to after a few drinks!

What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you started your business? I have always managed and operated by example. I believe it's important to be the first one at work, to out-work your team members, and to eat last. I quickly learned that not everyone is like that nor do they have that make-up. You can’t judge them for that - you must work within THEIR capabilities because more times then not they have great things to bring to the table regardless of YOUR OWN ethics, habits and drive!

I also learned a few other major lessons: life isn’t always fair, the bank doesn’t sympathize on “intentions”, the nights leading up to payroll can be sleepless and stressful and finally - the immense power of the words “THANK YOU.”

To learn more about Les and Nova Scotia Fisherman, check out this blog.