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Reading Other People's Holiday Cards

Reading Other People's Holiday Cards

One of my favourite parts of the behind the scenes operations of Nova Box, is hand writing in the cards that go in the boxes. Although we do have some loyal ex-pat customers who have bought each season’s box for themselves; the majority of our online customers are folks who are buying boxes as gifts and having them shipped directly to their friends and family throughout Canada, the US and abroad. 

I just love reading the heartfelt notes that people ask to have included with their gift.

Since 2018 is quickly coming to an end, here are a few themes that I have seen in the cards so far this year.

“Congratulations on (new house/new baby/big promotion/etc.)”2018 seemed like a big year for new houses and babies! These are two major life milestones, and sometimes it’s hard to properly celebrate when there are miles in between. I saw a few cards that said “congratulations on your new little one, can’t wait to meet them in a few weeks!” – very sweet!

“Sending you this in hopes you will move back ASAP.”I actually love the tone of these boxes. Often times people poke fun of the fact that their loved one has moved away and are missing out on the Nova Scotia lifestyle/experience. Messages like “I bet Alberta doesn’t have real Salt Water Taffy” or, “goodluck finding a decent Donair at 2 am” (although King of Donair is rapidly expanding West) have caused me to actually ‘laugh out loud.’ Even though there is often a layer of sarcasm involved with these boxes – the love is still very much present!

“Wish you were, but since you are not - here is a piece of home to brighten your day.”This is definitely the most common narrative in the cards. Whether it’s a special occasion (like the holidays) or just because, these boxes often get sent in place of being together during a special time. These are my favorite boxes to send, because I can tell the person on the other end of the card is really going to feel that connection to home when they open it.

As someone who lived away from home a few times, I know how nice it feels to get a little care package in the mail.  I think I would have liked to receive a Nova Box from someone from home, especially if it had a handwritten card that said “miss you, love you, come home soon!”