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Meet: Hannah Hicks

Meet: Hannah Hicks

One of the most iconic scenes in Nova Scotia is the lighthouse. Those beautiful beacons of light are found on many a shoreline across Nova Scotia.

Hannah Hicks is an 18-year-old artist from Bedford, Nova Scotia who has been creating art work for several years, and selling it at the L’Arche Art Show and Sale for the last four years. Last year, Hannah decided to start a business to support her art. Her creations can be found at her online store, as well as at the Dartmouth Adult Services Center, Futures Café, Made in the Maritimes, and the Carrefour Atlantic store in downtown Halifax. Hannah is inspired by nature and the places she visits in the Maritimes.

We recently asked Hannah about her experience as a creative entrepreneur.

Why is art important to you? My art lets me be creative. It is happy and exciting and fun to make. It has flair and the colors are dramatic. Art lets me have a business and it gives me work. 

What advice would you give another young person who is thinking about starting a company to support their art? I would say to another person to have self-confidence and value your art. Get involved in community art shows and markets. It’s a good way for people to experience your art. I have a website, business cards, Instagram and a Facebook page. These help people follow your growth as an artist.  I would also suggest getting help with parts of your business that are hard for you.

What is your favorite thing about Nova Scotia? My favorite thing about Nova Scotia is the outside wild, nature and oceans. I like going to the beach with my family and taking walks at Point Pleasant Park. People in Nova Scotia are kind and supportive and friendly.

Hannah is an incredible artist; the colors and movement in her art is truly breathtaking. She loves expressing herself through her art, using different mediums and techniques to create custom art, prints, coasters and cards. In addition to her art, Hannah also loves dance and music.