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Meet: New Scotland Candle Co.

Meet: New Scotland Candle Co.

What does summer in Nova Scotia smell like? New Scotland Candle Co. thinks that it smells like Sea Smoke- a fresh clean scent inspired by the brisk early mornings on the water.

New Scotland Candle Co., a wife and husband team, makes deliciously scented candles and melts that are hand poured in small batches in their home in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. Erin Wilson and Mark Beaudry combined their new-found love of candle making with their collection of maritime sea glass in 2015. They have since grown their hobby business into a full time business, and their products can be spotted on our website and at retailers and markets throughout the province. 

Made with 100% soy wax, cotton based wicks, and premium oils, all of their candles are free of dyes and burn completely cool and clean compared to traditional paraffin candles.

I asked Erin and Mark what it’s like to build a candle company with a spouse in Nova Scotia.

What is the most important lesson you have learned since starting your business? It's all about the follow through.  Creating new ideas and products is our favorite thing to do with this business. When you've put so much of yourself into something, it's hard to let it go out into the world. It’s also very hard to open yourself up to potential judgement and criticism. Learning the will to put those feelings aside and being diligent with the follow through- has definitely been crucial in growing our business.

Where do you get your inspiration for scents? We've moved around a fair bit in our time before finding our lovely home here in Nova Scotia. Since moving here, we find that inspiration comes from a variety of places. We definitely like to celebrate and represent the things that we love about this province, and we also like to include our customers as they are an amazing source of inspiration. Scent is such a personal experience; we have an incredible opportunity each week at the Wolfville Farmer's Market to hear people’s stories about what their favorite scents or places are. We listen to the stories and we try to capture it in a scent. 

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going into business with their partner or family member? It's easy to always be immersed in the business; especially when you are operating it out of your home. We try to ensure that we make time for each other that doesn't involve the business.  

I can honestly say that these candles smell delicious, and they certainly have done a wonderful job with translating memories and places into beautiful scents. Currently, New Scotland Candle Co. is collaborating with their customers and market goers to choose their Fall/Winter line of scents.  Whether you have a favorite place, activity or a clever idea for a name- New Scotland Candle Co. would love to turn that into a scent. With that in mind, if you know what "East of Montreal" smells like- let them know!